Against the government 1798 france not good cut a

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Unformatted text preview: he distractionof the us to be openly hostile - this treaty was considered embarrassment - brits ult say were not bakcing down - adams didn’t publish for a full year - but economy taken off- exports tripled - this freaked repubs out- will this agrarian small society still work spain - us cut a deal - pickney treaty- go to spain - us gains rights to us river- very imp for farmers- to get goods out to foreign markets- port of new Orleans - this made jays treaty easier to accept- france - wash farewell address- we cannot love a country and let them take advantage - relationship with france was tenuous- even though it was a repub, not an easy relationship - jay treaty made French resentful - in retaliation- treaty of alliance is over- but this was ironic bc not a big deal for us - for the French it was retaliat...
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