Brits needed troops in europe hard to maintain so far

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Unformatted text preview: south was a huge deal - Madison- slavery was something we cannot address if want to get const ratified- he was leaving the prob to future - Haitian revolution underlines this Washington - federalist- sided with Hamilton- but kind to madison - Farewell address- - Foreign policy problems- backing brits vs backing French- neutrality was not an option- this causing turmoil - Says that we cannot have an emotional alliance- we cant have this- we use it as a manipulation tool, as a way to cover up our own intentions - He is not talking about isolationism- that was never his intention - We needed trade and interaction- could not afford isolationism- esp bc us was small country War changed - with napoleon- wars were now for your country - not for your king etc - if you were a soldier, you were a citizen- obligations to the state- you owe the state us - pop growing - unwanted neighbors- spain- on way down - jay traty bought us time jay treaty - knew a lot abt how diplomacy was conducted- under franklin etc - sent to Britain to negotiate a compromise around trade restrictions - didn’t have a strong hand to play - gets the brits to evacuate forts in nw- not hard for brits, needed troops in Europe- hard to maintain so far away - boundaries and debts went away - us had not a lot to offer- - brits were not going to let us ship to whoever bc they were neutral - the brits didn’t want t...
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