Germany, Russia

2 million men to get rid of young revolutionary men

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Unformatted text preview: s- even more imp= russ re Russ • Russ rev- csar nic’s ucle assas in 1891- threat to the nat gov and the royal family- it was a hard place to rule, very huge, poor, limited land distribution and lots of different ethnic groups- • Need a leader to try to run this country- • 1905- russ- jap war- said that this russ gov was a lot fo trouble- just lost a war to jap- huge rev activity in russ • 9 years later- russ in WWI- sticks to serb ally- cant mobilize quickly- they had almost gone to war with Austria over bosnia in 1908- and now, they have an army of 2.2 million men- to get rid of young revolutionary men- get them in military and send them somewhere- wont be much of a threat- • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • but mass armies breed nationalism- grouping citizens- spread of ideals- talks, who are they fighting for- the tsar- is this worth it- are we dying for a terrible leader who already lost us a war to the japs- not worth our lives by 1917- they are doing w...
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