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Germany, Russia

Nicholas didnt even want that orders duma to disband

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Unformatted text preview: orse than anyone else- huge casualties- famines, no end in sight- is capitalism fatally flawed? If this is the end result, the system is broken- gained traction in Russ- enormous income disparities in income and production- things spiraled from there- russ still not fully industrialized, peasants green and illiterate Difficult for them, but politically empowering- but now, they were concentrated and could easily go on strike- but peasants were not the only ones unhappy Middle class and lib aristocrats angry with tsar bc revolution in 1905 let them down- promised them democracy and reforms and not materialized in a good way Russ soldiers- poorly equipped and underfed saw germans and got even more mad- these things helped radicalize them 1917- march 8- the country run out of coal and bread- women in petragrad start demonstrating- tsar says to open fire- kill 40 people sort of a parl called duma- under control of tsar- Nicholas didn’t even want that- orders duma to disband- they say no- even the have had enough of his monarchy duma wanted const monarchy= nich abdicates on march 12 country is 80% peasant- nich gone, how keep country in war- mainly liberal- soviets system- local councils- social...
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