Germany, Russia

The mex gov said that all subsoil rights belonged to

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Unformatted text preview: n mex amer war before that- for the mex point of view- disruptive war- • Land reform up for grabs- if you are a landowner, you have a stake in the system- • Political- who gets to run for office- • By 1910- 40 k US citizens in Mexico- this wasn’t just business- but most of it was- one of the outcomes is oil • Oil- the Mex gov said that all subsoil rights belonged to the gov- if any external oil co comes and finds oil- it goes to the mex gov- • Euopean involvement- Monroe doct- hard to enforce during mex war bc all factions trying to benefit from this- the mexs went to European powers trying to get external support (but E was preoccupied) • Germ gov bribing mex gov- Zimmerman doc...
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