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French wounded dead mia huge casualties no more labor

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Unformatted text preview: ed- there was such a panic in france that the gov left the city • us didn’t have to worry much- another example of corrupt EU diplomacy and corrupt alliances- this is what they deserve- bc immoral • western front- rhine- • 1914- 900k French wounded, dead, mia- huge casualties- no more labor economic- 20% of FR population involved in war • need food, etc • lost production • budget 5 bill to 105 bill- didn’t have enough material- need food, weapons, animals, gunpowder, blacksmiths, farriers, etc- need the us bc they have so much production US trade • us- if us is belligerent- can export without worrying about being attacked- us imports to Germany declines rapidly • exports to FR and gbrit grew rapidly- not neutral- •...
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