Safety Audit

Safety Audit

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Unformatted text preview: Suggestions for Improving Brookhaven’s Safety Audit Audit o Allow a student ambassador from Allow each grade to serve on the safety team team o Have teachers clock out if they Have stay at school after 3:15 o Hold a training seminar in the Hold summer to train volunteers on various duties various o Teachers should start locking Teachers room doors each time they leave the room. Please have key to classroom on you at all times classroom o Night custodian should check all Night restrooms starting at 3:30 to ensure restrooms are empty ensure o Check with DCS maintenance Check about putting up reflective material with room number over door entrance door o Check with DCS maintenance to Check place security locks on computer lab doors and industrial art doors lab o Keys for computer labs should be Keys kept in the office and signed in and out o A teacher in each grade level teacher needs a two way radio that are members of the Emergency Response Team Response Overall Summary of Safety Audit Overall Brookhaven Middle School was in compliance with Brookhaven majority of the areas of the audit. There were a few areas that needed improvement and areas that needed to be implemented. The areas that needed improvement are being implemented at the school but not on a daily basis, as it should. The areas that need to be implemented are not being done and are not in compliance. The areas in the audit that are not in compliance are easy to fix. Suggestions were listed in previous slide for the areas that needed to be implemented. A review of the identified implementation and improvements noted in the compliance audit will be conducted on an annual basis. be...
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