To patrolling there is a central alarm administration

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Unformatted text preview: a central alarm Administration and staff Administration maintain a highly visible profile maintain ID cards are worn by all faculty ID and staff and PA system properly works Student conduct policy is Student reviewed and updated annually reviewed Areas of Audit in Compliance Areas Crisis Management Plan is in effect and reviewed and updated annually annually Exit signs are clearly visible and Exit pointing in the correct direction pointing All violations of state and federal All law are reported to law enforcement enforcement The incident reporting system is The reviewed and updated annually reviewed Students have access to conflict Students resolutions resolutions Students are assisted in Students developing anger management developing Diversity awareness is Diversity emphasized emphasized Programs are available for Programs students who are academically at risk risk Students may seek help without Students the loss of confidentiality the School Resource Officers (SRO) School receive in-service training for their responsibilities their Areas that Need to be Implemented Areas PA system cannot be heard PA outside outside School volunteers do not School receive training to perform their duties duties Students are not represented Students on the School Safety Team on Computer labs and industrial Computer art rooms are not protected by high security locks or an alarm system system Staff members that remain after Staff school hours are not required to sign out sign Classrooms are not numbered Classrooms with reflective material over door or on bottom of door or Areas that Need Improvement Areas Faculty members are not locking classroom Faculty doors Restrooms are not being checked everyday at Restrooms the end of the school day the All members of the Emergency Response All Team do not have two way radios Team...
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