Business Calculus Test 4 review, answers and corrections on paper

7 8 set up do not evaluate the integral to find the

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Unformatted text preview: up (do NOT evaluate) the integral to find the area of the region bounded by y=ex, y=x, x=0, and x=l A $' r \"\, — .t1 , 9. Ske lietr te unded by the graphs of y = x 2 and y = 2x +3. he region (do NOT evaluate) the integral. 10. Sketch the region ffir the integral Jx - i. Then use geometry to find the 11. Find the cost function if the marginal cost is -,- - 3 dC dx -=- = 90 — .4x and the fixed cost is C(0) = 8000. 1~ 12. The amount of an annuity is given by eTJTc(t)edt. Find the amount of an annuity with income stream c(t) term T = 10 years. = 2000, interest...
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