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3 in order to follow a scientific approach students

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Unformatted text preview: exhibits, role plays, etc. 3. In order to follow a scientific approach, students should use the Final Project Checklist on page 79 to develop and monitor their project development and presentation. 4. Final projects should be presented in a public forum, for example in front of the class, the school, or a wider audience. A park ranger may even be able to attend the presentation! Feel free to share the final projects with the Education Technician at the park. This helps the park to continue development of the education program and provides program evaluation material. 5. Provided is an optional evaluation tool you can use to grade the final projects. The Final Project Rubric on page 80 was developed by Joelle Clark of Northern Arizona University for the Science In Our Parks program at the Flagstaff National Monuments. 78 Paleontology Final Project Checklist ____ Title A title should be appropriate, creative, and catch the audience’s attention. ____ Introduction An introduction explains what the project is about, is logical, and interests the audience. ____ Methods Methods include how you collected data, both information and equipment. Details are important. The methods should be written so that if someone else wanted to duplicate your project, they could easily see how you did it. ____ Data Presentation Data should be displayed and explained. The use of tables and graphs, each with titles and explanations, is a common presentation method. ____ Conclusions Your conclusions are based on the data you collected and should be as detailed as possible. It should be clear to your audience how you developed your...
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