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ERTH 2205 Project

76 paleontology introduction in order to provide a

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Unformatted text preview: rojects may also be completed. 76 Paleontology Introduction In order to provide a conclusion to the scientific work conducted during this education program, students are encouraged to put together a final project for presentation at school. Producing a summary product is part of the scientific process. Encourage students to be creative. A final project can be a poster, a slide show, a PowerPoint presentation, a model of a Triassic fossil, an interactive fossil excavation, etc. Student journals may be turned in as a component of the final project. Lesson Framework 1. Activity: Final Project A student activity that allows students to summarize what they have learned during the pre-visit activities and the field exploration in a creative format of their choice. ©PFMA/Hugh Brown 77 Paleontology Final Project Teacher Instructions Objective To provide a conclusion to work done during this education program. Ma in Idea Students or cooperative groups will create a final project of their choice to represent at least one concept they have learned about paleontology. Materials • students will choose their own materials from whatever you have available • copies of Final Project Checklist - one per student or cooperative group Procedure 1. Ask students to review what they have learned about the paleontology of Petrified Forest National Park using their journals, completed field guides, and handouts received during pre-visit lessons. 2. As individuals or within their cooperative groups, students will develop a final project to present in a public forum. Encourage students to be creative and produce scientific papers, interactive...
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