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Conclusions can also pose new questions for future

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Unformatted text preview: conclusions. Conclusions can also pose new questions for future research projects. 79 Paleontology Final Project Rubric Exemplary 4 Title The title catches the audience's attention and is creative. Accomplished 3 Developing 2 The title is The title does not appropriate for the fit the project. nature of the project. Beginning 1 There is no title. Introduction The introduction The introduction explains what the somewhat explains project is about. It the project. is logical and interest the audience. There is an The introduction is introduction but it is weak or not unclear how it present. relates to the project. Methods The methods for The methods for collecting data are collecting data are described in detail, described. with both information and equipment. The methods for collecting data are partially described. The methods used to collect data have not been presented. Data The data are Presentation displayed in both a table and graph. The data are explained. The data are displayed in either a table or graph. The data are explained. Conclusions Conclusions for the The conclusions are Conclusions are not data are provided. weak. evident. More detail is needed for a complete ending. Detailed conclusions are reached from the data. New questions are posed. The data are either The data are neither displayed or explained nor explained, but not displayed. both. TOTAL 80 POINTS...
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