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ERTH 2205 Project - Lesson 7 Paleontology Final Project...

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Paleontology 75 Lesson 7 Final Project Objectives Compile data gathered in field or laboratory exploration; Promote thinking through analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of data; and Complete student research projects and make presentations. Main Idea To analyze, synthesize, and evaluate research dealing with paleontology at Petrified Forest National Park in the form of a school presentation. Essential Skills writing summary of data cooperating research reporting hypothesis evaluation Mathematical Skills scientific method evaluation data compilation analysis basic mathematical skills synthesis communication of data Materials student journals miscellaneous materials and equipment for specific group projects and presentations Pages to Photocopy Final Project Checklist page 79 Final Project Rubric page 80
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Paleontology 76 Curriculum Connections: Paleontology Lesson 7 FINAL PROJECT Arizona Science Standards (5-24-04) Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Strand 1: Inquiry Process All Concepts All Concepts All Concepts All Concepts All Concepts Curriculum connections are project dependent. The inquiry process is important for all science based projects, but other types of projects may also be completed. The following table aligns this lesson with the Arizona Science Standards (5-24-04). Most curricu- lum connections shown are implicit within the lesson. Others are achieved through teacher interac- tion with the class, including discussion of the background information provided. Teachers are
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