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Key Concepts General: Mechanisms and driving forces for transport (macro vs microscopic pumps, active vs. passive contributions, electrochemical gradients as sources of potential energy) Structure/function relationships of tissues, cell types, etc. Regulatory mechanisms Specific: Purpose and structural organization of circulatory system; mechanisms for regulating heart rate, blood pressure, flow rate, exchange of materials Purpose and structural organization of excretory system; mechanisms for regulating blood pressure, flow rate, exchange of materials, reabsorption of water General characteristics of cells engaged in absorption Countercurrent exchange Mechanism for altering permeability to water Plant cell walls: structure/function, implications for plant growth Repetitive nature of plant growth; role of meristems Major compartments and tissue types of plant body
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Unformatted text preview: Water potential Path, driving force and regulation of movement of water and minerals or carbohydrate through plant body Light capture: action vs. absorption spectra, mechanisms of converting light to chemical energy Carbon fixation: major steps and energetic advantages or demands of C3 vs. C4 pathways; C4 vs. CAM plants Major chemical classes of plant hormones and possible signaling mechanisms Hormonal controls at variety of points in plant life cycle provide examples of: -hormone action at many different levels -variation in hormone sensitivity of specific tissue -antagonistic and synergistic effects of hormones -use of bioassay for detecting/purifying unknown chemical with specific effect -molecular mechanisms of action Light regulated growth: perception, mechanisms of response...
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