Fall 2013 syllabus FINA363


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Unformatted text preview: ulated using the following weights: Module Quizzes: 10% Exam 1: 15% Exam 2: 15% Exam 3: 15% Cumulative Final Exam: 30% Team Portfolio Management & Analysis: 15% Exams If a midterm is missed for a pre‐approved reason, as determined by the instructor, the final exam score will be counted double in place of the missed exam score. If two or more midterm exams are missed, a grade of zero (0) will be given for each missed exam. Job interviews, family vacations and most work conflicts are not considered valid reasons for missing an exam. The exams will be based upon homework assignments, assigned reading and classroom discussions. Examinations are 75 minutes. Students who refuse to stop writing on their exams after the exam period has expired, or who fail to turn in th...
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