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Fall 2013 syllabus FINA363


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Unformatted text preview: eir exams in a timely manner, will automatically receive a grade of 0% on the exam. Grading Scale Points Letter grade 980‐1000 A+ 920‐979 A 900‐919 A‐ 880‐899 B+ 820‐879 B 800‐819 B‐ 780‐799 C+ 720‐779 C 700‐719 C‐ 680‐699 D+ 620‐679 D 580‐619 D‐ Below 580 points will result in a grade of “F”. A grade of Incomplete is given only in rare circumstances due to circumstances beyond your control. Unsatisfactory performance on exams is not grounds for the grade of Incomplete. If you are not doing well in class, please speak to me. Module Format The course consists of 10 Modules. Each module contains: Selected Lectures Textbook Readings Recommended Problems A graded quiz Module 1: The Financial Environment (Week 1) Lectures Corresponding Sections from Text Book Pro...
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