Fall 2013 syllabus FINA363


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Unformatted text preview: Investing (Week 16) Lectures Corresponding Sections from Text 10.1 19.1‐19.2 10.2 19.3 10.3 more 19.3 Module 10 Quiz Date: December 9 – December 17 Book Problems 1 ‐4 5 7, 12‐16 6 Book Problems FINAL EXAM WEEK (December 16‐20) Team Portfolio Management and Analysis During the semester, students will be assigned to teams of 3 or 4 individuals. Each team will manage a hypothetical $1,000,000 portfolio of stocks and bonds chosen by the team members. The project will consist of 3 parts: Part 1: An Analysis of Historical Stock and Bond Returns Part 2: An Analysis of the risk and return of your own team’s portfolio, managed over the course of the semester. Part 3: A Detailed Analysis of a specific common stock Due Dates The Final Project will be due on December 12. Project details will be given out during the semester. Details on Teams Teams of less than 3 or more than 4 are not allowed. Students may request specific team members; anyone who does not request specific team members will be randomly assigned to a te...
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