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Unformatted text preview: end despite the fact she was leading an army. 2. The actors and roles were adequately meshed. All the actors were powerful in their own way and I had no qualms concerning their acting ability. The only issue I had with the play was that there were only four actors to play the numerous amounts of roles which at times was confusing. I couldn’t keep in my head who was who which broke the false reality the play was trying to create. 3. The space in which the actors performed made it harder for them. There were very few props and the audience was very close to the stage. If there were any mistakes the audience would notice so it made it even more important for the actors to constantly stay in character. The lack of props made it so that the actors had to create the scene by themselves. The actors responded positively to these challenges and put on a great performance. 4. The scenery did little to define the performance space. While there were times when a sheet was put up or a chair said france on it, scenery did little to set...
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