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Unformatted text preview: the stage. The lack of scenery made the focus be solely on the actors which was an excellent choice. 5. There was chair that had the word France on it which I’m guessing was supposed to tell the audience Shaw 3 that the play started in France? The wall was used occasionally to say the name of the town Joan was currently at but it was all very sparse. If the acting had been poor I may have had issue with the scenic units but the acting was excellent. The effect of the lack of scenery was that the actors had to be powerful which they were. 6. The stage was very close to the audience which let the audience see every aspect of the costumes and make up. Any costume change was visible, which was imperative since sometimes an actor would switch to a different role by just removing his glasses. The space made it so that costumes were able to tell who a person was by just a slight change. I did not notice much make up if any. 7. The costumes were used to clarify who was in the play. The churchman had robes on, the higher class nobles...
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