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Unformatted text preview: into the audience. The Dauphin was as equally uninspiring as Joan was inspiring, which was perfect for his role. He reminded me of a giant child who had for some reason been given control of the kingdom. His mannerisms were very small, like he had been put down his whole life. As Joan inspires him to become a king you can see the change in him but he still retains some of his childlike mannerisms. I envisioned him as man that would do nothing except if he is pushed, which was shown in the plays performance. The play showed that Joan and the Bastard were very close friends. This is seen when he is Shaw 2 laying his head in her lap. You can see that they care about each other a great deal but in a brother/sister sort of way. Even when the Bastard is disagreeing with Joan he is doing it because he doesn’t want her to be taken prisoner by the English. I really liked how the play showed how close they were because it helped me connect with their characters more. It made Joan seem more like someone who was 18 and needed a fri...
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