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VOCABULARY abscisic acid absorption spectrum acid-growth hypothesis action potential action spectrum aleurone layer alpha-amylase anion trap aorta apical dominance apoplast aquaporins arteries arterioles atrioventricular (AV) node atrium autocatalytic autoradiography auxins blood plasma Bowman’s capsule brassinosteroids bundle of His bundle sheath cells C3 photosynthesis (Calvin cycle) C4 photosynthesis CAM photosynthesis capillaries carbonic anhydrase cellulose chemiosmotic chloroplasts chromophore Circadian rhythm collecting duct companion cells countercurrent exchange cryptochrome cyclic photophosphorylation cytokinins "dark reactions" of photosynthesis dermal tissue diastole embryo endosperm erythropoietin ethylene etiolated florigen gap junctions gene family germination gibberellins glomerulus greening ground tissue
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Unformatted text preview: guard cells hemoglobin hypertonic hypotonic internode isotonic loop of Henle meristems mesophyll microfibrils multi-net hypothesis nephron node noncyclic photophosphorylation ("Z scheme") osmosis pacemaker phloem phosphorylation cascade photodormant photoreceptor photorespiration phytochrome pigment plasmodesmata plastids pressure flow hypothesis primary vs secondary growth proteasome pulmonary circuit pulse-labeling Purkinje fibers renal corpuscle renal tubule secondary messengers seedling "triple response" to ethylene sieve tube elements sinoatrial (SA) node stoma ( plural : stomata) stroma "sugar shuffle" of Calvin cycle symplast symport systemic circuit systole thylakoids totipotency transpiration stream turgor two-component regulators urea uric acid veins ventricle venules water potential xylem...
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