0 moll to 10 moll what will be the concentration of

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Unformatted text preview: y the rate equation – rA = kCA0.5 At 25 oC, in an isothermal batch reactor, the concentration of A drops from an initial CA0 of 2.0 mol/L to 1.0 mol/L in 15 minutes. At 50 oC, it takes 20 seconds for the concentration of A to drops from an initial CA0 of 2.0 mol/L to 1.0 mol/L. What will be the concentration of A in the batch reactor operating at 40 o C after 10 minutes if the initial concentration CA0 is 2.0 mol/L? Explain your answer. 3 2. A reactor system consists of a series arrangement of a plug flow reactor (PFR) and a mixed flow reactor (MFR). The MFR has 10 times...
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