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Both reactors operate at 150 oc the molar flow rate of

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Unformatted text preview: the volume of the PFR. A process with a rate equation given by – rA = 2.4CA2 is to be conducted to 96% conversion from an inlet concentration CA0 = 1. Find the residence/reaction times (τ ) when (a) The PFR is followed by the MFR (b) The MFR is followed by the PFR 4 3. A reversible, liquid- phase reaction A ↔ R is being carried out in a steady- state reactor system consisting of two ideal MFRs in series. Both reactors operate at 150 oC. The molar flow rate of A entering the first MFR is 55,000 mol/hr, the concentration of A in the inlet stream to the first MFR is 6.5 mol/L, and the concentration of R in the inlet stream to the...
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