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Unformatted text preview: 10 25.0 What is the maximum gas flow rate that can be employed in the precipitator to obtain an overall collection efficiency of at least 98%? Assume a collection efficiency of 100% for particles larger than 10 µm. Gas permittivity: 8.86 x 10‐12 F/m Gas viscosity: 0.0003 poise Dielectric constant of particulates: 4 Cunningham correction factor: 1 ( for particles >= 10 µm) 1.4 (average, for particles < 10 µm) Electric field strength of the precipitator: 120 kW/m D x C x E2 x d ω = εo x (D + 2) x μ QUESTION 4 – SO2 scrubbing a) Di...
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