This project can help them stop and prevent it from

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Unformatted text preview: y. This project can help them stop and prevent it from happening. I can gain this audience's support because they know that it goes on, just not the exact details and statistics. (Emotional) HEAD? (Logical) There has been numerous incidents where teenagers and younger kids have either hurt themselves or committed suicide because of Cyber Bullying and it needs to stop. Heart? Will You Follow Your If people start to realize how much their words hurt even if it is anonymous, hopefully they will begin to stop. I personally think that most cyber bullies don't realize the effect until something bad happens and it looks them right in the eye. Who’s Not Your Audience? Elderly people are not my audience. This is because they think that kids are just mean and don't understand the full extent of harming that cyberbullying causes. The typical behavior of this audience is to just blow off cyberbullying unless they are deeply affected. Post an informational article about cyberbullying and its affects. Use pictures to tell a story and share it on social media. (About someone who was cyberbullied) Post a link on social media that directs users to a website where they sign an agreement stating that they will never cyberbully another person. Is This THE END?...
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