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1 Distribution of Species and Communities Distribution of species and communities Why are particular species present in some places and absent in others? If a species occupies a particular area, it either evolved there or evolved elsewhere and dispersed to that area If a species is not found in a particular area, either it evolved elsewhere and never dispersed there or it was once present but no longer is there Large Scale Patterns Biogeographic regions: Boundaries are set where species composition changes dramatically over short distances Based on the taxonomic similarities of the organisms living there Large Scale Patterns Climate: Climate is the average atmospheric conditions found over time (Temperature, Precipitation, Wind Velocity) Climate varies because of differences in the amount of solar energy (Drives global atmospheric and oceanic circulation)
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2 Large Scale Patterns Biomes: Climate determine the distribution of biomes Terrestrial biomes are based on the structure of their dominant vegetation, Aquatic biomes on their Physical / Chemical differences In each biome vegetation has similar traits, but may not be evolutionary closely related Large Scale vs. Small Scale Patterns and Processes: Large scale patterns can be predicted from climate conditions (Temperature, Precipitation, Wind) Large scale patterns do not predict small scale distribution or what species will occur
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lecture_02 - Distribution of Species and Communities...

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