Lab 8 PostLab - Eq

F e3 707 103 m scn 825 103 m what is t he c onc

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Unformatted text preview: e f ollowing c onc ent rat ions are f ound. [F e3+ ] = 7.07 ✕  10−3 M, [SCN−  ] = 8.25 ✕  10−3 M What is t he c onc ent rat ion of F eSCN2+ in t he new equilibrium mixt ure? Hint : Use your value of K t o solve f or t he unknown c onc ent rat ion. 5.19e- 2 0.0519 M A dditio na l Ma te r ia ls Equilibrium and Le Ch�t elier www.webassig nment- Responses/view_key?dep= 7011484 3/10 11/2/13 Lab 8 PostLab - Eq . and LeChatelier ' s Pr inciple 4. 1/1 points | P re v ious A nswe rs NC S UG e nC he m102La bV 1 8.P O S T.04. Green checks and red X's are not display ed for this question. Y ou are in c harge of a plant t hat makes met hyl bromide, CH3Br. T his c ompound is used as a f umigant f or nemat odes. T he t hermoc hemic al equat ion f or t he reac t ion is: CH3OH(aq) + Br−(aq) CH3Br(aq) + OH−(aq) ΔH = +78 kJ/mol. Y ou must maximize t he yield of t he produc t . Whic h of t he f ollowing ac t ions should you t ake? (Selec t all t hat apply.) run t he reac t ion wit h exc ess CH3OH run t he reac t ion wit h exc ess Br− ion remove CH3Br as it is f ormed allow exc ess CH3Br t o build up in t he reac t ion c ool t he reac t ion remove Br− ion heat t he reac t ion remo...
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