Lab 8 PostLab - Eq

T he c olor of t he c ylinder would be darker t he

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Unformatted text preview: alue but opposit e sign. T he K expression would be invert ed. T he c olor of t he c ylinder would be darker. T he value of K would not c hange. A dditio na l Ma te r ia ls Equilibrium and Le Ch�t elier 6. 1.5/2 points | P re v ious A nswe rs NC S UG e nC he m102La bV 1 8.P O S T.06. Green checks and red X's are not display ed for this question. Suppose you were absent during t he Le Chât elier's Experiment in lab. Y our lab part ner loaned you her not es t o st udy f or t he prac t ic al mid- t erm lab exam. T he not es c onsist ed primarily of t he f ollowing t able. www.webassig nment- Responses/view_key?dep= 7011484 5/10 11/2/13 Lab 8 PostLab - Eq . and LeChatelier ' s Pr inciple 2A Step Procedure 1 added 5 drops of A B 2 3 Observ ations solut ion bec omes light blue t est t ube f eels c ool t o t he t ouc h added 10 drops of B and a solid prec ipit at es out plac ed in ic e t est t ube c ooled by ic e heat ed t est t ube f or 5 minut es t he prec ipit at e dissolves at 45°C solut ion is light blue (a) F rom t h...
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