Lab 8 PostLab - Eq

And lechatelier s pr inciple reac t ant kclo4 105 102

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Unformatted text preview: 9.96e-15 produc t 8/10 11/2/13 Lab 8 PostLab - Eq . and LeChatelier ' s Pr inciple reac t ant KClO4 1.05 ✕  10−2 1.02e- 1 0.102 produc t (c ) T here is a general relat ionship bet ween t he c harges on ions and t he Ksp value. Complet e t he sent enc e below t o desc ribe t his relat ionship. T he larger larger t he Ksp value, t he more produc t t hat is f ormed at equilibrium. T he lower t he c harges on t he ions in an ionic solid, t he more soluble s oluble t he solid is. A dditio na l Ma te r ia ls Equilibrium and Le Ch�t elier 8. 3/3 points | P re v ious A nswe rs NC S UG e nC he m102La bV 1 8.P O S T.08. Green checks and red X's are not display ed for this question. In Lab 4, Qualit at ive Analysis, st udent s used Le Chât elier's Princ iple t o separat e Ag+, Pb2+, and Hg22+. A separat ion reac t ion is shown below, wit h t he equilibrium c onst ant of t he reac t ion. Pb2+(aq) + 2 Cl −(aq) PbCl2(s) K = 8.55 ✕ (a) T he K value indic at es t hat t he produc t s 104 ΔH < 0 produc ts are pref erred. (b) Whic h of t he f ollowing a...
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