Lab 8 PostLab - Eq

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Unformatted text preview: ve CH3OH T he equilibrium c onst ant f or t his reac t ion is less t han one. is les s than one. A dditio na l Ma te r ia ls Equilibrium and Le Ch�t elier www.webassig nment- Responses/view_key?dep= 7011484 4/10 11/2/13 Lab 8 PostLab - Eq . and LeChatelier ' s Pr inciple 5. 3/3 points | P re v ious A nswe rs NC S UG e nC he m102La bV 1 8.P O S T.05. Green checks and red X's are not display ed for this question. T wo gases, A and B, are at equilibrium in a sealed c ylinder. Individually, gas A is c olorless, while gas B is dark c olored. T he reac t ion might be writ t en as: A(g) 2 B(g). (a) T he c ylinder should appear c olored. c olored. (b) When t he syst em is c ooled, t he c ylinder's appearanc e bec omes very light c olored. T heref ore, t he reac t ion must be endot hermic . endothermic . Suppose t he reac t ion equat ion were writ t en as f ollows: 2 B(g) A(g) (c ) Whic h of t hese st at ement s would t hen be t rue? (Selec t all t hat apply.) T he ΔH value would have t he same magnit ude v...
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