Lab 8 PostLab - Eq

Y ellow a dditio na l ma te r ia ls equilibrium and

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Unformatted text preview: dditio na l Ma te r ia ls Equilibrium and Le Ch�t elier www.webassig nment- Responses/view_key?dep= 7011484 2/10 11/2/13 Lab 8 PostLab - Eq . and LeChatelier ' s Pr inciple 3. 2/2 points | P re v ious A nswe rs NC S UG e nC he m102La bV 1 8.P O S T.03. Equilibria c an be t reat ed mat hemat ic ally wit h t he equilibrium c onst ant , K. F or t he reac t ion F e3+ + SCN− F eSCN2+, t he equilibrium c onst ant expression is [F eSCN2+  ] K= [F e3+  ] · [SCN−  ] where, f or example, [F e3+ ] is t he molar c onc ent rat ion (mol F e3+ / L solut ion) present in an equilibrium mixt ure. At some t emperat ure, a c hemist f ound t he f ollowing equilibrium c onc ent rat ions. [F e3+ ] = 6.92 ✕  10−3 M, [SCN−  ] = 8.10 ✕  10−3 M, [F eSCN2+ ] = 4.99 ✕  10−2 M What is t he value of K at t his t emperat ure? 8.90e2 890. Suppose t hat some F eSCN2+ is added t o t he above solut ion t o shif t t he equilibrium. When equilibrium is re- est ablished, t h...
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