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Unformatted text preview: ook is italicized and not capitalized (except the first word and any word after a colon) • One author entries by the same author are arranged by year of publication, earliest first: Jones, C. (2002). Jones, C. (2008). Reference List—DOI • Digital object identifiers • Developed by a group of international publishers • Provides a means of persistent identification for managing information on digital networks (see http://www.doi.org/). • The DOI is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to identify content and provide a persistent link to it’s location on the Internet • All DOI numbers begin with 10 and contain a prefix and a suffix separated by a slash • The APA manual recommends that when DOI numbers are available, use them in the reference EXAMPLES (there are 77 in the manual) *These examples correspond with the references in the sample paper 1. Journal article with DOI 2. Journal article 3. Magazine article 4. Newspaper article 5. Entire book, print version 6. Book chapter 7. Paper presentation or poster session 8. Dissertation or thesis, unpublished 9. Review of a book 10.Online journal article (no DOI) EXAMPLES cont. 11. Video 12. Podcast 13. Music recording 14. Blog post 15. Video blog post Resources • 1. The manual itself (available for purchase and available at the library) • 2. www.apastyle.org: This website has many resources including sample papers and tutorials • 3. The Owl at Purdue: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource /560/01/ Title Page Title (centered, upper ½ of page, ds) Author’s name (1 ds below title) Institutional affiliation or course identification (ds below author’s name) Manuscript page header (upper right corner, 1 st 2 or 3 words of title, 5 spaces, then page #) Running head Individual Differences Running head: INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN RESPONSES Individual Differences in Sexual Response After Marijuana Use Evette Martinez PSY 145 1 Running Head Abbreviated title Maximum 50 characters including letters, punctuation, and spaces Left-justified below manuscript page header Example: Running head: SEX and MARIJUANA First Page of Text Includes manuscript page header Full title is centered on the top line of the page DS, only, between title and first line of text Note. Double space, only, throughout the entire document. Parenthetical (Within-Text) Citations Author’s(s’) last name Year of publication Page number (if quoting) Example: (Kosik, 1999, p. 17) Parenthetical Citations – Multiple Authors 2 authors – cite both names separated by & Example: (Kosik & Martin, 1999, p. 127) 3-5 authors – cite all authors first time; after first time, use et al. Example: (Wilson et al., 2000) 6 or more authors – cite first author’s name and et al. Example: (Perez et al., 1992) Parenthetical Citations – Multiple Citations Multiple sources from same author – chronological order, separated by comma Example: (Burke, 1998, 1999, in press) Within same year: Example: (Burke, 1998a, 1998b, 1999, in press) Parenth...
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