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Unformatted text preview: ction (Caesarian­section) rate in the U.S. should be halved by instituting required interventions in all California hospitals. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic To decrease teen pregnancy California state should fund sex education programs for all pupils starting in junior high school. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic The government should fund the testing and treatment of infertile couples. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic A needle exchange program for intravenous drug abusers should be funded by the government to decrease the incidence of AIDS. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic Drug and alcohol education programs would significantly decrease the incidence of teenage pregnancy rates and STI rates. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic Since television programming influences the development of gender stereotypes, the government should control the content of television programs. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic Androgyny is a worthy goal to achieve for all males and females in the U.S. Teachers should be required to attend workshops on how to influence the development of androgeny in pupils starting in elementary school. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic Like Nevada, California should decriminalize prostitution and institute regular health check­up for all prostitutes. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic The U.S. government should act more aggressively in regulating the content of sex in the media. Suggested Topic Suggested Topic The U.S. government should ban all pornography on the internet. Psy 145 Psy 145 Term Paper: Scientific Writing "In science, the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea first occurs." ­­Sir William Osler Term Paper Term Paper "Writing is an art. But when it is writing to inform it comes close to being a science as well." ­­Robert Gunning,The Technique of Clear Writing Term Paper: Scientific Writing Term Paper: Scientific Writing Introduction What makes good writing? What does it take to be a good writer? Term Paper Term Paper What makes good writing? Takes having something to say and clear thinking. – 1. Good writing communicates an idea clearly and effectively. 2. Good writing is elegant and stylish. Takes time, revision, and a good editor! Term Paper Term Paper What makes a good writer? – Inborn talent? – Years of English and humanities classes? – An artistic nature? – The influence of alcohol and drugs? – Divine inspiration? Term Paper Term Paper What makes a good writer (outside of poets, maybe): – Having something to say. – Logical and clear thinking. – A few simple, learnable rules of style (the tools we’ll learn in this class). Take home message: Clear, effective writing can be learned! Term Paper Term Paper You have already improved your writing because of the writing course which you took your first year. Other things to become a better writer: – – – – – – – – – – Read, pay attention, and imitate. Let go of “academic” writing habits (deprogramming step!) Talk about your research before trying to write about it. Develop a thesaurus habit. Search for the right word rather than settling for any old word. Respect your audience—try not to bore them! Stop waiting for “inspiration.” Accept that writing is hard for eve...
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