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Unformatted text preview: us Sample Size After plotting the 2 graphs, linear regression is performed on both of them and below gives a summary of the intercept and slope, along with their SD. Table 4. Linear regression of the 2 plots calculated SD, stddev2 (V) theoretical SD (V) intercept - 0.20013 ± 0.12231 0.0315 ± 0.01897 slope - 0.4439 ± 0.04196 - 0.51384 ± 0.00651 For the second portion of the experiment, the original connections are unchanged and the same circuit board, input DC voltage, and ADC are still used. However, the second random voltage (V2) is connected to CH1, and both V1 and V2 are inputs to the voltage adder, which adds up to the output Vout. Vout, in turn, is connected to the CH2 input of the ADC. Now, we can read the voltage readings from all 3 channels’...
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