A summary table is below n calculated sd stddev1 v

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Unformatted text preview: 9.77E- 01 10000 5.94E- 03 9.80E- 01 10000 2.20E- 02 9.70E- 01 10000 - 7.32E- 03 9.77E- 01 10000 3.27E- 03 9.81E- 01 10000 6.08E- 03 9.80E- 01 10000 1.73E- 02 9.80E- 01 Table 2. Measured Voltage Mean and Standard Deviation for Large Sample Sizes 2 types of calculations are used. The first method makes use of all 10 ensembles (for each N) by taking the standard deviation for all 10 means. This is a tedious process and thus is completed using the stddev function in excel. The second method uses the equation below that only uses one ensemble. We can compare the 2 methods and conclude if the latter method is accurate enough. σ VN = 1 σ N Ni The first method gives us the theoretical SD while the latter gives us the calculated SD. A summary table is below. n calculated SD, stddev1 (V) theoretical SD, stddev2 (V) using excel (10 ensembles) using formula (1 ensemble) 10 0.266774195 0.322552...
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