Ield strength vs distance z 45 40 35 30 ield strength

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Unformatted text preview: the maximum and decreases to the minimum as it goes out of the outer coil. However, there seem to be a systematic error in the experiment as the field should be zero within region a and outside region b. More analysis is done in the later parts. Magnetic field produced by dipole In this experiment we examined the magnetic field of a dipole by approximating a small cylindrical magnet as a dipole. To do this we cannot measure the field too close to the magnet, hence the starting distance is ensured to be larger than the length of the magnet, which is 2.5cm. ½ Length (m) 0.025 Radius (m) 0.015 Table 2. Geometry of the magnet. in order to receive more accurate results we add these two measurements to our measurements of z and r. !ield strength vs di...
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