72244 table 5 linear regression of data used in graph

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Unformatted text preview: CH1, which will be sufficient for us to analyze the data. linearlized graph for RL circuit - 1.3914 2.60E- 04 3.10E- 04 3.60E- 04 4.10E- 04 4.60E- 04 5.10E- 04 5.60E- 04 6.10E- 04 - 1.3916 - 1.3918 ln (Vb(V)- V(V)) - 1.392 - 1.3922 - 1.3924 y = - 4.0229x - 1.3903 - 1.3926 time (s) Intercept B Coefficients -1.3903 -4.02293 Standard Error 0. 0.00008 Graph 6 and Table 6. Linearized graph for RL circuits and linear regression performed on the graph. Voltage is in logarithm scale. We can see that there is a negative linear relationship between time and the natural log of Vb- V. The graph is very accurate since the errors are small. (RL circuits ar...
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