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Capacitor 10 6 f resistor 10000 table 4 data

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Unformatted text preview: dependence of V on time. Next we made a series connection with the resistor and an inductor, and also a small resistor in parallel to reduce the impedance. For this circuit we added a resistor with resistance 300 ± .05 Ohms to reduce the impedance since the function generator has an internal resistance. Again we let our function generator produce a square waveform with voltage. CH0 was used to measure the voltage across the resistor and inductor in series, and CH1 was used to measure the voltage across the inductor. R1 in parallel 300 ± .05 Ω R2 in series 3.5 ± .05 Ω Inductor 1 x 10- 4 H Table 5. Data recorded/collected from RL circuits. RL transient 6.00E- 01 4.00E- 01 Voltage (V) 0.00E+00 - 2.00E- 01 - 4.00E- 01 - 6.00E- 01 5.00E- 06 4.50E- 05 8.50E- 05 1.25E- 04 1.65E- 04 2.05E- 04 2.45E- 04 2.85E- 04 3.25E- 04 3.65E- 04 4.05E- 04 4.45E- 04 4.85E- 04 5.25E- 04 5.65E- 04 6.05E- 04 6.45E- 04 6.85E- 04 7.25E- 04 2.00E- 01 time (s) Graph 5. Data collected and graphed for RL transient. Again, offset is not done well enough but we can see a pattern and relationship between the voltage of CH0 and...
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