10points theoverallreactionofthegalvaniccellis

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Unformatted text preview: 8 m/sec, J = kg m2 / sec2 a) 235U + 1n ‐ 144Ce + 90Sr + 4 e‐ + 21n b) 239Pu + 1n ‐ 144Ce + 90Sr + 2 e‐ + 61n 5) Calculate the standard potential of the cell consisting of the Zn/Zn2+ half‐cell and SHE (standard hydrogen electrode). (10 points) The overall reaction of the galvanic cell is: Zn(s) + 2H+(aq) Zn2+(aq) +H2(g) b) What will the emf (E) of the cell be if [Zn2+]=0.45 M, pH2=2.0 atm, and [H+]=1.8 M? (10 points) 6) How long must a 20.0 A current flow through a solution of ZnSO4 in order to...
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