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Unformatted text preview: of the most dangerous radioactive isotopes produced when a nuclear bomb explodes is 90Sr. If I start with 1.000 gram of this isotope, it is found that after 5 years 0.887 g remains. a) What is the half‐life of 90Sr? (5 points) b) How many atoms of 90Sr are left after 100 years (AW = 89.9 grams/mole)? (5 points) 3) Complete and balance the following equation: (10 points) Cr2O72‐(aq) + I‐(aq) → Cr3+(aq) + IO3‐(aq) (acidic solution) 4) Which process gives the most energy per gram between the two fission processes? (10 points) (masses in AMU 235U = 234.9934, 239Pu = 239.0006, 144Ce = 143.8816, 90Sr = 89.8864, 1n = 1.00867, e‐ = 0.00055) 1g = 6.023x1023 amu, c= 3.00x10...
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