Lecture 12

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Unformatted text preview: mocraCc process. …not a drug addict either. Some small mistakes (forget the cocoa ­coca confusion) Bolivian president Evo Morales, not a dictator either: elected in 2005, reelected in 2009 Some small mistakes (forget the cocoa ­coca confusion) Not addicCve. Not more than caffeine at least. Not cocaine (like saying poppy seed cake is heroin) They got some things right… Chavez, like Morales, has implemented arCcles from the consCtuCon that allow naConalizaCon of companies, agrarian reform and implementaCon of universal healthcare. They both claim that their government are sot. There has been censorship. These condiCons have been called illiberal democracies by some scholars: free and fair elecCons but restricted liberCes. Approx.. 65% of the governments by 1999, 75% today (Smith 2005) Coca plant and cocaine •  The leaf is not a drug if it’s not put through the extensive chemical process that yields cocaine. •  Several internaConal studi...
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