What mining city did we read about a cuzco b la paz

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Unformatted text preview: nd Huascar •  Spanish invasion under Pizarro 1526 ­1533 •  Cajamarca and Emperor Atahualpa’s death in 1533 Atahualpa had Huascar killed Immediate consequences •  ExploitaCon of natural resources and mineral wealth •  1503 ­1660 more than 7 million pounds of silver reached Sevilla. What mining city did we read about? a)  Cuzco b)  La Paz c)  Potosí d)  Sucre e)  Lima Colonial legacies into the present Potosí “The city that once made Europe rich is dying. The impoverished miners who live there are struggling to survive amid the ruins of its bygone splendor.” (Amalia Barron) Potosí Considered the highest city in the world •  4,090 meters (13,420 feet) Produced over 137 million pounds of silver Mita dra`ed app. 13,000 laborers per year PopulaCon •  1600s ­200,000; Rivaling London and larger than Paris •  Today ­120,000 predominantly Quechua speakers B...
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