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Unformatted text preview: olivia Bolivia Bolivia Capitals: La Paz (1548/1898) Sucre (1538) PopulaCon: 9,700,000+ Size: 424,162 sq. miles Coastlines: 0 miles War of the Pacific 1879 ­1883 The size of Bolivia… Bolivia: Social composi;on Indigenous communiCes collecCvely the majority 30% Quechua 25% Aymara 30% MesCzo 15% White Infant Mortality rates in La;n America hbp:// www.earthinsCtu te.columbia.edu/ news/ 2007/ ciesin_poverty.p hp Bolivia: Economy One of the poorest of LaCn America: 60% of the populaCon below the poverty line. Natural resources Natural gas, Cn, crude petroleum Lithium: est. 50% world’s supply Agriculture Soybean, coffee, coca Coca Leaves Some small mistakes (forget the cocoa ­coca confusion) Hugo Chavez, like it or not was not a dictator. He was democraCcally elected, raCfied and re ­elected several Cmes, and the elecCons were cerCfied by internaConal overseers of the de...
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