Lecture 15 Muscle 1

I band no think liment thick filament myosin myosin

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Unformatted text preview: everything alined. I band no think filiment Thick Filament myosin Myosin actin binding site actin myosin ATPase Thin Filament actin, tropomyosin troponin Troponin has 3 subunites: Troponin T, I, and C. Troponin T binds to myosin. I inhibitory component. C calcium binding component. 7 Actin 1 Tropomyosin 1 Troponin Binding Power Stroke Detachment Binding Think filimints dont change so A band is always the same Thin Filament actin, tropomyosin troponin Tropomyosin + troponin is a regulatory complex. Tropomyosin blocks the actin binding sight but it is Troponin who regulate the movement of the tropomysin Troponin C binds to calcium which changes troponin C configuration, then I then T. I now stops binding to actin and moves CrossDBridge%Cycle What causes lack of ATP? Digest their own proteins (starving). Not enough ATP post mortum causing stiff muscles....
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