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Unformatted text preview: sues: –  GI tract (absorp6on) –  Kidneys (excre6on) –  Bone (storage & libera6on) Plasma Ca2+ Plasma Ca2+ Parathyroid glands Thyroid C cells PTH Plasma Ca2+ Calcitonin Plasma Ca2+ Fig. 19-26, p. 729 Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) •  Pep:de hormone secreted by parathyroid glands. •  Primary regulator of Ca2+ •  Ac6ons: –  promotes Ca2+ movement from bone into the plasma –  enhances Ca2+ reabsorp:on by kidneys –  facilitates ac6va6on of vitamin D Osteocyte Osteoblast Osteocytic– osteoblastic bone membrane Osteoblast Osteoclast Blood vessel Mineralized bone Outer surface Central canal Bone fluid Canaliculi Lamellae Osteoblast: builds Osteoclast: dissolves Gap jun...
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