Slow exchange balance fig 19 25 p 728 animation

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Unformatted text preview: ction (a) Osteocytic–osteoblastic bone membrane Fig. 19-25, p. 728 Mineralized bone: stable pool of Ca2+ Bone fluid: labile pool of Ca2+ 1 2 Fast exchange Slow exchange Plasma Ca2+ Ca2+ Osteoclast dissolving bone membrane formed by interconnected osteocytes & osteoblasts Fast exchange -> homeostasis. Slow exchange -> balance. Fig. 19-25, p. 728 ANIMATION: Parathyroid Hormone Action To play movie you must be in Slide Show Mode PC Users: Please wait for content to load, then click to play Mac Users: CLICK HERE Vitamin D •  Vitamin D s6mulates Ca2+ (and PO43-...
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