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Causing aldosterone sensive ssues to perform

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Unformatted text preview: hence maintain blood pressure •  necessary for life –  the “mineralocor=coid receptor” also has a very high affinity for glucocor=coids, which are always in circula=on. •  so target =ssues must degrade glucocor=coids in order to respond to aldosterone only •  all aldosterone target =ssues express an enzyme that does this Ques=on: Black licorice interferes with the enzyme that degrades glucocor=coids in aldosterone- sensi=ve =ssues. Since glucocor=coids are always present, this might reasonably have the effect of: A. causing aldosterone- sensi=ve =ssues to perform gluconeogenesis B. permanently ac=va=ng aldosterone receptors in target =ssues C. causing fluid reten=on D. increasing blood pressure E.  B, C, and D Licorice: a sweet alterna=ve to prevent hyperkalemia in dialysis pa=ents? Ki...
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