19 16 p 710 duodenum stomach hormones insulin

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Unformatted text preview: ––Through gluconeogenesis Urinary excre>on of glucose (occurs only abnormally, when blood glucose level becomes so high it exceeds the reabsorp>ve capacity of kidney tubules during urine forma>on) KEY = Factors subject to hormonal control to maintain blood glucose level Stepped Art Fig. 19-16, p. 710 Duodenum Stomach Hormones (insulin, glucagon) Blood Exocrine portion of pancreas (acinar and duct cells) (a) Location and structure of pancreas Endocrine portion of pancreas (islets of Langerhans) Fig. 19-15, p. 709 Exocrine cells Islet of Langerhans β cell → insulin α cell → glucagon D cell → somatostatin Capillary b) Cell types in islet of Langerhans Fig. 19-15, p. 709 Pancreas •  Endocrine cells in Islets of Langerhans –  Βeta cells produce insulin –  Αlpha cells produce glucagon –  Delta cells produce somatosta?n –  PP cells produ...
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