19 13 p 703 metabolic syndrome type 2 diabetes or

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Unformatted text preview: radation Muscle wasting Glucosuria Osmotic diuresis Polyphagia Alternative energy source Polyuria Dehydration Weight loss Gluconeogenesis Polydipsia Ketosis Cellular shrinking Aggravation of hyperglycemia Blood volume Nervous system malfunction Peripheral circulatory failure Blood amino acids Low cerebral blood flow Metabolic acidosis Increased ventilation Diabetic coma Gangrene Renal failure Death Fig. 19-19, p. 716 Endocrinology of “Stress” Table 19-2 p702 FYI “Stressor” Hypothalamus CRH Sympathetic nervous system Posterior Pituitary Anterior pituitary Vasopressin ACTH Conserve salt and...
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