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19 18 p 713 glucose transporter glucose is moved into

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Unformatted text preview: a meal ATP- sensi>ve K+ channel (closes) Pancrea>c Beta cell 4 ATP 5 Votage- gated Ca2+ channel (oxida>on) 3 K+ in cell because less leaves (depolariza>on) 6 Glucose- 6- phosphate 2 GLUT- 2 Glucose Glucose 7 1 Ca2+ 8 β cell Insulin vesicle 9 Stepped Art Fig. 19-17, p. 712 Blood Gastrointestinal hormones (incretins) Blood amino acids Major control Food intake Parasympathetic stimulation Islet β cells Sympathetic activation (and epinephrine) Insulin secretion Blood glucose Blood fatty acids Blood amino acids Protein synthesis Fuel storage Fig. 19-18, p. 713 Glucose Transporter ...
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